Monday, May 1, 2017 is closed down

Yes, is shut down. Unbelievable for their loyal customers even though less in number when compared to some of the leading online E-Commerce websites globally and in the region.
I consider it as the end of an era. I have been buying items from for the past 6 years and I trusted them like anything. They have the best E-Commerce website and user experience in the region. 10 Minutes back I received an email from JP mentioning that its closing down. Boom, I checked their website and its just a message from the founder of this awesome website; yes the last message from them.
I am emotionally touched by this and the thought that I cannot anymore view my order history and revisit the dates I have purchased my favorite items really comes with a pain in my chest.
Jadopado has been acquired. This is following the recent announcement by that they had been acquired Amazon. Ecommerce is gonna be a monopoly in this region. There is no more existence for JP alone in this game with the Giants.
From the message from the Founder of JP, they are immensely happy that they could sell their business. We can understand that this is the best deal for them as a business rather than fighting to loose in the market.
Jadopado founder CEO, Omar mentions in the last post, that Jadopado was a grand experiment running for the past 2420 days.
Anyway, all the best to Jadopado team and hope their loyal customers will find equally good online retailers soon.

Below is the last message from the founder CEO, Omar Kassim: